The rest of the world v’s New York

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It’s been a few months since my last post for the #7/11 Project, partly because I’ve been devoting a lot of time to ‘From 0’ and new Artwork, and partly because it has been fairly quiet on the subject of Artist’s Royalties in the international media.

However there are a couple of movements to report on locally, with the second offering a platform from which to reason support for the #7/11 Project as an alternative to the broadly ineffectual / detrimental Resale Royalties Legislation…

So first up, Auckland based Bowerbank Ninow have introduced their own voluntary royalties scheme (RR Legislation does not exist in New Zealand) returning 2.5% to creators of works sold in their new gallery.  According to the galleries owners Simon and Charles, this was an ethically motivated decision (but one which has surely doubled well as a useful marketing tool… And why not indeed!?). Markets thrive on innovation, and its good to see Bowerbank Ninow mixing things up in Auckland. You can listen to their interview with Radio National here.

Secondly, across the Tasman (where RR Legislation does exist), the news is not as vital by half… ‘The market is failing Australian Artists’, according to this article in The Conversation.  The article is wide ranging in its its assessment of the reasons why, but one factor that is singled out for its Art market failings is, yep, you guessed it… Resale Royalties Legislation.

This will come as no surprise to detractors of Resale Royalties Legislation.  Indeed, anyone keeping track of my posts on the subject will understand why I count myself among that number. For even though I strongly believe that Artist’s should share in the value of their work’s appreciation, Resale Royalties Legislation is simply not the way to do it, and until market friendly solutions (like the #7/11 Project) emerge, we can expect more news of international imbalances, and atrophication of regional markets that are subject to RRL, at the expense of markets without…

Cue old blue eyes…

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