Politicians, Lawyers and Artists discuss a red herring

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A debate took place on Wednesday evening at ‘Artists Space’ in New York between lawyers, politicians and artists about the virtues of Resale Royalties Legislation, and the Siegelaub/Projansky inspired contractual alternative.

Reading articles from around the web, it sounds as if the debate served mainly as an introduction to Royalties Legislation, with talks given on details  of the proposed Legislation, as well as a discussion about Hans Haacke’s favoured contractual alternative.

The title of this post is worded the way it is because I strongly believe that the Legislative and contractual approaches are a ’red herring’ and cannot solve the ‘Latency Problem’ on their own.  The best opportunities for an effective solution exist in the lateral domain of the free-market.

“I think we definitely achieved a lot in laying the groundwork for future discussions,” one of the Wednesday evening’s experts, Lauren van Haafften-Schick was quoted as saying after the event.

Let’s hope that any further discussions engage with the mechanics of ‘The Latency Problem’, and consider the broader, more lateral possibilities.

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