Death of Resale Royalties Act Valley, California

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Death of Resale Royalties Act Valley, California

[/cs_text][cs_text]News broke recently that the Resale Royalties Act of 1976 has been struck down in its entirety by the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Despite lawyers and commentators poring over the minutiae, this news should come as no surprise in light of the fact that it contravenes the first sale doctrine of Federal Copyright law.

What were Chuck Close, Laddie Dill et al thinking?  Pissing into the wind (and paying lawyers for the pleasure of it) is no fun, even for contrarian self-flagellators (?!)  So what was their angle? There must have been an angle… Right?

Was it just a good old fashioned Artist’s protest?  Picketing for Artist’s rights? Or were they hoping to build momentum for a federally instituted Jerrold Nadler backed Federal Act perhaps?

But even if they were to achieve that, and a Royalties Act was instituted federally, it will still NOT ACCOMPLISH what they and 99% of Artist’s (including me) want… For all the reasons I’ve been at pains to explain on the #7/11 Project page.

Legislation cannot work!  Only a market based solution that works with the Latency Problem, not against it can solve the problem for the benefit of Artists, Buyers and Arts culture generally.

Despite this defeat, word is that the plaintiffs will be taking it back to the ninth circuit, and possibly the Supreme Court… What a waste of time. How about throwing some money at a real solution?

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