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‘Ante’, 2014.

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The upcoming series ‘Better Waters’ has two Bookends.  At least that’s what I’m calling them…  They are pieces that have evolved out of my work on the series, but that are not directly a part of it.  Knowing what to call them and how to talk about them is something I have had to think hard about…  On the one hand they are an integral part of the series – supporting the other work aesthetically and conceptually.  On the other hand, they are far enough removed to exist as Artworks needing a degree of separation.

So Bookends it is           ….,,,..:”^^`~~–_+++““~~~           So Bookends it is

Bookend number 1 is a drawing called ‘Ante’.  It is a Limited Edition of 11, with 5 of the 11 prints available for sale now.

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